Riley Crew. Month One.

One month has come and gone just as fast as everyone told us it would. This girl, Riley Crew, has completely stolen our hearts and has us wrapped around her finger. I know it's all so cliché, I really do, but there is nothing like being this girls parents. 

Our pregnancy with Riley was one full of both joy and fear, and to be quite honest, it was all just a countdown to when she'd make her grand entrance, screaming into our world. Did we savor pregnancy with her? Absolutely. But these once empty arms of ours were anxious and eager to hold her and our hearts open and ready to smoother her in all this love we have to give.

I can't write this blog post without mentioning her big sister, Leighton. Because I can't look at Riley without thinking of our first daughter and all of the things we did and will miss out on with her. I think of how close in age they would be, how they could've been built in best friends, growing up sharing toys and memories and a life together. All of of our second daughters firsts will be ours as well. Pregnancy and birth are not new to us but taking care of a newborn definitely is. And that is one of the hardest things about parenting both a child in heaven and earth- balancing the what ifs and the right nows. 

And right now, I'm listening to Riley snore, watching the motion of her chest rising and falling while I try to type this and hold her simultaneously. We just finished our morning routine, which is really no routine at all but my favorite time of the day with her. Im starting to believe she's a morning girl, greeting the day with little coos and wide eyes. She's so playful then, or as playful as a one month old can be, and I just love watching her different facial expressions as I talk to her and kiss her all over. 

No one could've prepared us for this kind of parenthood. You can read the books, listen to family and friends share their stories and advice but this journey, parenthood, is completely your own. We're still learning, of course, but these first four weeks have been everything we've ever wanted. Here's a brief round up of her favorite things, ours and the moments in between. 

  • Food is life. Give her alllll the milk and formula and she'll be your best friend. But don't be shocked when it ends up in her armpit some how. 
  • Smelling her. I've been looking forward to breathing in her newborn smell since I found out I was pregnant. 
  • While we're at it, staring at her. It's like we're trying to commit every inch of her to memory. Going back and looking at pictures of her the day she was born to gazing at her now SO much has changed already. 
  • Watching Steven hold her, feed her, kiss her, soothe her, even change her diaper. He was always meant to be a dad. 
  • Hands up! Always. Whether over her head or right next to her face, it's her favorite way to sleep. 
  • Poop explosions are common, especially if she's gone a day or so with only wet ones. Daddy has been pooped on twice, once going all the way through his jeans.  The white couch is white no more. 
  • Bath time started off rough but with G Bears touch, we think we're gonna have a water baby. 
  • Tummy time is only acceptable when it's happening on top of someone's chest. 
  • She is sweet as can be when grandma and grandpa are around. They don't believe the princess can be fussy (it is rare)!
  • Blairburt digs her even though she has to share attention and the couch. 
  • We got to FaceTime her grandpa in Florida whose eyes watered up instantly when her saw her.
  • Hiccups continue daily but she doesn't seem to mind, unless she's trying to go to sleep. 
  • Her favorite spot besides being on top of mommas chest is the porch swing. Car rides and neighborhood strolls seem to please her, too. 
  • She giggles when she's first drifting off to sleep sometimes and it completely melts us. 
  • When she's fussy we bump around the house singing tacky commercial jingles or 90's pop songs and she seems rather amused and settles down. 
  • Her baby blues are opening more and when they're wide and looking over our shoulder, I like to believe it's because she sees her guardian angel. 

We never want to forget this beautiful and crazy season of life. We've prayed for it over and over again and now that it's here, I just feel flooded with so many emotions. Grateful, truly grateful, for the girl who has helped put the color back in our world.